Data for Chapter 9 — Contingency analysis

Here are the data sets used in Chapter 9 of the 2nd edition of The Analysis of Biological Data in .csv (comma-separated) format. Most data sets used in the book are grabbed from graphs and tables in papers, and the values may not be exact.


Example 9.2. Aspirin vs. cancer
Cook, N. R., et al. 2005. Journal of the American Medical Association 294: 47–55.

Example 9.3. Toxoplasmosis
Yereli, K., I. C. Balcioglu, and A. Ozbilgin. 2006. Forensic Science International 163:34–37.

Example 9.4. Parasite control of behavior
Lafferty, K. D., and A. K. Morris. 1996. Ecology 77: 1390–1397.

Example 9.5. Vampire bats and estrous
Turner, D. C. 1975. The vampire bat: a field study in behavior and ecology. Johns Hopkins Press: Baltimore, MD.


Problem 09.01. Coffee and cancer
Wilson, K. M., et al. 2011. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 103:1–9.

Problem 09.02. Divorce after diagnosis
Glanz, M. C., et al.. 2009. Cancer 115:5237–42.

Problem 09.04. Pigeon rumps
Palleroni, A., C. T. Miller, M. Hauser, and P. Marler. 2005. Nature 434: 973–974.

Problem 09.05. Malaria transmission
Koella, J.C., F. L. Sørensen, and R. A. Anderson. 1998. Proceedings of the Royal So-ciety of London, Series B, Biological Sciences 265: 763–768.

Problem 09.06. Redback spider sexual cannibalism
Andrade, M. C. B. 1996. Science 271: 70–72.

Problem 09.07. Reed frogs and fire
Grafe, T. U., S. Döbler, and K. E. Linsenmair. 2002. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B, Biological Sciences 269: 999–1003.

Problem 09.08. Fish sex change
Hobbs, J.-P. A., P. L. Munday, and G. P. Jones. 2004. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B, Biological Sciences 271: 2109–2114.

Problem 09.09. TV violence
Johnson, J. G., et al. 2002. Science 295: 2468–2471.

Problem 09.10. Drinking and heart disease
Doll, R., R. Peto, E. Hall, K. Wheatley, and R. Gray. 1994. British Medical Journal 309: 911–918.

Problem 09.11. Postnatal depression
Patel, R. R., D. J. Murphy, and T. J. Peters. 2005. British Medical Journal 330: 879.

Problem 09.12. Migraines with auras
Schwerzmann, M., et al. 2005. Neurology 65: 1415–1418.

Problem 09.14. Mediterranean diet
Trichopoulou, A., et al. 2005. British Medical Journal 330: 991–997.

Problem 09.16. Prairie dog multiple mating
Hoogland, J. L. 1998. Animal Behaviour 55: 351–359.

Problem 09.17. Intuition about lying
Young, E. 2002. New Scientist ( ). Accessed February 5, 2012.

Problem 09.19. Contagious yawning
Provine, R. R. 1989. Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 27: 211–214.

Problem 09.20. Daycare and leukemia
Gilham, C., et al. 2005. British Medical Journal, doi:10.1136/bmj.38428.521042.8F.

Problem 09.21. Blue termites
Šobotník, J., et al. 2012. Science 337: 436-436.

Problem 09.22. Self recognition
Keenan, J. P., et al. 2001. Nature 409: 305.

Problem 09.24. Heat and sterility
Rohmer, C., J. R. David, B. Moreteau, and D. Joly. 2004. The Journal of Experimental Biology 207:2735-2743.

Problem 09.26. Just because
Langer, E., A. Blank, and B. Chanowitz. 1978. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 36:635-642.

Problem 09.27. Bereavement and health
Maddison, D., and A. Viola. 1968. The health of widows in the year following bereavement. Journal of Psychosomatic Research 12: 297[1/n]306.

Problem 09.29. Denomination effect
Journal of Consumer Research 36:701-713.

Problem 09.30. Firearms and suicide
Brent, D.A., et al. 1993. American Journal of Diseases of Children 147:1066-1071.

Problem 09.31. Nectar spurs
Johnson, S. D., and K. E. Steiner. 1997. Evolution 51: 45-53.

Problem 09.33. Kuru
Mead, S., et al. 2009. New England Journal of Medicine 361: 2056-2065.