Data for Chapter 12 — Comparing two means

Here are the data sets used in Chapter 12 of the 2nd edition of The Analysis of Biological Data in .csv (comma-separated) format. Most data sets used in the book are grabbed from graphs and tables in papers, and the values may not be exact.


Example 12.2: Blackbird testosterone
Hasselquist, D., J. A. Marsh, P. W. Sherman, and J. C. Wingfield. 1999. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 45: 167–175.

Example 12.3: Horned lizards
Young, A. J., et al. 2006. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) 103: 12005–12010.

Example 12.4: Brook trout vs. salmon
Levin, P. S., S. Achord, B. E. Fiest, and R. W. Zabel. 2002. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B, Biological Sciences 269: 1663–1670.


Problem 12.01. Death and taxes
Kopczuk, W., and J. Slemrod. 2003. The Review of Economics and Statistics 85: 256-265.

Problem 12.06. Testes size
Hosken, D. J., and P. I. Ward. 2001. Ecology Letters 4: 10–13.

Problem 12.9. Cichlids
Haeslery, M. P., and O. Seehausen. 2005. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B, Biological Sciences 272: 237-245.

Problem 12.10. “Will”s and presidents

Problem 12.12: Ostrich temperatures
Fuller, A., et al. 2003. The Journal of Experimental Biology 206: 1171-1181.

Problem 12.14. Iguanas
Wikelski, M., and C. Thom. 2000. Nature 403: 37-38.

Problem 12.16. Mosquitoes and beer
Lefävre, T. 2010. PLoS ONE 5:e9546.

Problem 12.17. HIV immunity
Balazs, A. B., et al. 2011. Nature 481: 81-84.

Problem 12.18. Stalkie eyesmall
David, P., T. Bjorksten, K. Fowler, and A. Pomiankowski. 2000. Nature 406: 186-188.

Problem 12.20. Electric fish
Fernandes, C. C., J. Podos, and J. G. Lundberg. 2004. Science 305: 1960-1962.

Problem 12.24. Weddell seal dives
Williams, T. M., L. A. Fuiman, M. Horning, and R. W. Davis. 2004. The Journal of Experimental Biology 207: 973-982.

Problem 12.26. Hyena giggles
Mathevon, N., A. Koralek, M. Weldele, S. E. Glickman, and F. E. Theunissen. 2010. BMC Ecology 10:9.

Problem 12.31. Rat reciprocity
Rutte, C., and M. Taborsky. 2007.PLoS Biology 7: 1421-1425.

Problem 12.32. Glassware
Attwood, A. S., N. E. Scott-Samuel, G. Stothart, and M. R. Munafò. 2012. PLoS ONE 7:e43007.

Problem 12.33. Spinocerebellar ataxia
Fryer, J. D., et al. 2011. Science 334: 690-693.