Data for Chapter 16 — Correlation

Here are the data sets used in Chapter 16 of the 2nd edition of The Analysis of Biological Data in .csv (comma-separated) format. Most data sets used in the book are grabbed from graphs and tables in papers, and the values may not be exact.


Example 16.01 Flipping birds
Müller, M. S., et al. 2011. The Auk 128: 615-619.

Example 16.02. Wolf inbreeding
Liberg, O. H.,et al. 2005. Biology Letters 1: 17-20.

Example 16.05. Indian rope trick
Wiseman, R. and P. Lamont. 1996. Nature 383: 212-213.


Problem 16.01. Hyena age
Mathevon, N., A. Koralek, M. Weldele, S. E. Glickman, and F. E. Theunissen. 2010. BMC Ecology 10:9.

Problem 16.03. TB resistance
Barnes, I., A. Duda, O. G. Pybus, and M. G. Thomas. 2011. Evolution 65: 842-848.

Problem 16.05. Godwits
Gunnarsson, T. G., J. A. Gill, T. Sigurbjörnsson, and W. J. Sutherland. 2004. Nature 431: 646.

Problem 16.10. Earwig forceps
Tomkins, J. L.  and G. S. Brown. 2004. Nature 431: 1099-1103.

Problem 16.12. Cricket immunity
Simmons, L. W. and B. Roberts. 2005. Science 309: 2031.

Problem 16.13. Lefthandedness and violence
Faurie, C. and M. Raymond. 2005. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 272: 25-28.

Problem 16.14. Telomeres and stress
Epel, E. S., E. H. Blackburn, J. Lin, F. S. Dhabhar, N. E. Adler, J. D. Morrow and R. M. Cawthon 2004. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) 101: 17312-17315.

Problem 16.15. Language and grey matter
Mechelli, A., et al. 2004. Nature 431: 757.

Problem 16.16. Green space
Fuller, R. A., K. N. Irvine, P. Devine-Wright, P. H. Warren, and K. J. Gaston. 2007. Biology Letters 3: 390-394.

Problem 16.18. Salmon and salmonberries
Hocking, M. D., and J. D. Reynolds. 2011. Science 331:1609-1612.

Problem 16.19. Liver preparation
Smallwood, R. H., D. J. Morgan, G. W. Mihaly, and R. A. Smallwood. 1998. Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics 16:397-411.

Problem 16.20. Sleep and performance
Huber, R., M. F. Ghilardi, M. Massimini, and G. Tononi. 2004. Nature 430: 78-81.

Problem 16.22. Trillium
Jules, E. S. and B. J. Rathcke. 1999. Conservation Biology 13:784-793.

Problem 16.23. Cocaine
Volkow, N. D., et al. 1997. Nature 386: 827-830.

Problem 16.24. Extrovertism and neuroticism
Mobbs, D., C. C. Hagan, E. Azim, V. Menon, and A. L. Reiss. 2005. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) 102: 16502-16506.

Problem 16.26. Chocolate and Nobel Prizes
Messerli, F. H. 2012. New England Journal of Medicine 367:1562-1564.

Problem 16.27. Antibody tumor screening
Ridgway, P. F., et al. 2004. Journal of Surgical Research 122: 83-88.