Data for Chapter 18 — Multiple explanatory variables

Here are the data sets used in Chapter 18 of the 2nd edition of The Analysis of Biological Data in .csv (comma-separated) format. Most data sets used in the book are grabbed from graphs and tables in papers, and the values may not be exact.


Example 18.2. Zooplankton
inferred from Svanbäck, R. and D. I. Bolnick. 2007. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B, Biological Sciences 274: 839-844.

Example 18.3. Intertidal algae
Harley, C. D. G. 2003. Ecology 84: 1477-1488.

Example 18.4. Mole rats
inferred from Scantlebury, M., J. R. Speakman, M. K. Oosthuizen, T. J. Roper and N. C. Bennett. 2006. Nature 440: 795-797.


Problem 18.06. Hippocampus lesions
Broadbent, N. J., L. R. Squire, and R. E. Clark. 2004. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101: 14515-14520.

Problem 18.07. SP and female lifespan
Barnes, A. I., S. Wigby, J. M. Boone, L. Partridge, and T. Chapman. 2008. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B, Biological Sciences 275:1675-1683.

Problem 18.08. Bee genes
Ben-Shahar, Y., et al. 2002. Science 296: 741-744.

Problem 18.11. Mouse empathy
Langford, D. J.,et al. 2006. Science 312: 1967-1970.

Problem 18.12. Neanderthal brains
Ruff, C. B., E. Trinkaus, and T. W. Holliday. 1997. Nature 387: 173-176.

Problem 18.15. Larval fish
Hsieh, C. H., et al. 2006. Nature 443: 859-862.

Problem 18.18. Opsin expression
Fuller, R. C., L. A. Noa, and R. S. Strellner. 2010. American Naturalist 176: 1-13.