Data for Chapter 19 — Computer-intensive methods

Here are the data sets used in Chapter 19 of the 2nd edition of The Analysis of Biological Data in .csv (comma-separated) format. Most data sets used in the book are grabbed from graphs and tables in papers, and the values may not be exact.


Example 19.1. Two-digit “psychic”
Marks, D., 2000. The Psychology of the Psychic. Prometheus Books: Amherst, NY.

Example 19.2. Chimp language centers
Cantalupo, C., and W. D. Hopkins. 2001. Nature 414: 505.


Problem 19.11. Snail love darts
Rogers, D. W., and R. Chase. 2001. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 50: 122–127.

Problem 19.13. Leaf bacteria
Hirano, S. S., E. V. Nordheim, D. C. Arny, and C. D. Upper. 1982. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 44: 695–700.

Problem 19.15. Speed of light
Stigler, S. M. 1977. Annals of Statistics 5:1055–1078.