Data for Chapter 20 — Likelihood

Here are the data sets used in Chapter 20 of the 2nd edition of The Analysis of Biological Data in .csv (comma-separated) format. Most data sets used in the book are grabbed from graphs and tables in papers, and the values may not be exact.


Example 20.3. Unruly passengers
Fatouros et al. 2005. Nature 433:704.

Example 20.4. Conservation scoop
Eggert et al. 2003. Molecular Ecology 12:1389-1402.


Problem 20.07. Yeast regulatory genes
Guelzim, N., S. Bottani, P. Bourgine and F. Képès. 2002. Nature Genetics 31: 60-63.

Problem 20.08. Silverswords
inferred from Baldwin, B. G. and M. J. Sanderson 1998. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) 95: 9402-9406.

Problem 20.15. Vole dispersal
Sandell, M., J. Agrell, S. Erlinge, and J. Nelson. 1991. Oecologia 86: 153-158.

Problem 20.18. Bee lifespans
inferred from Visscher, P. K. and R. Dukas. 1997. Insectes Sociaux 44: 1-5.